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VIDEO: US campaign launched to slow down the loss of female anglers


The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has launched a new campaign to encourage dads and daughters in the USA to reconnect on the water.

The Take Me Fishing™ Second Catch campaign was launched in time for Father’s Day and will run throughout the summer season. Its objective is to improve retention and reactivation numbers amongst women.

“Research tells us women who fish have significantly greater grit, confidence and self-esteem than women who don’t. But it also shows girls stop fishing at an 11% higher rate than boys, and often feel excluded from fishing and boating trips,” said RBFF Senior Director of Consumer Marketing & Communications Rachel Piacenza. “Second Catch encourages girls and women to get back on the water to continue building their confidence through adolescence and beyond.”

Fishing participation in the States has been increasing over the last several years, but so has churn. The number of people dropping out of fishing reached its peak following the COVID pandemic (a drop of 14 million). The latest figure is a drop of 12 million from the peak. The RBFF is a nonprofit organisation with a mission to increase recreational angling and boating participation, thereby protecting and restoring the nation’s aquatic natural resources.

While RBFF is working to continue the gains seen as a result of its Take Me Fishing ‘Find Your Best Self on the Water’ campaign and other state and industry efforts, it says it is also working to better understand how it can improve retention and reactivation.

RBFF’s Second Catch campaign messaging centres on an animated short movie that showcases the heartwarming journey of a father and daughter whose shared love of fishing drifts apart – only to be rekindled years later when the daughter’s passion brings them back on the water.

“Fishing and boating participation is everyone’s business, from state agencies, to fishing and boating manufacturers, retailers and more,” said RBFF President & CEO Dave Chanda. “We’re pleased to share this inspiring research-driven campaign our stakeholders can activate at the local level. We’re also excited to see states and industry launching their own efforts to grow the sport.”

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