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PRADCO-Fishing pledges to remove lead from legendary lure brand


Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle has pledged to remove lead from its products within three years. It is believed to be the first major US fishing tackle manufacturer to make the move.

The announcement comes just days after legislation passed the US House of Representatives prohibiting the banning of the use of lead tackle and ammunition in federal lands and waters unless it is consistent with state law and supported by science.

The PRADCO-Fishing-owned brand has signed the National Loon Centre’s ‘Loons and Lakes Legacy Pledge’ and is launching a new line of products under the name Lindy Lead-Free, comprising four styles of lead-free jigs available in 144 variations. Lindy says they will cost only slightly more than lead jigs.

The Duluth News Tribune reports Lindy officials saying it has developed a unique blend of non-toxic materials, including bismuth, that look, feel and fish like lead.

Lindy Sales Manager Ron Kiffmeyer described it as a ‘true game changer in the fishing industry.’

“We have made the commitment to go 100% lead free because we can, and it is the right thing to do, period,” he added.

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) has consistently opposed any move to ban the use of lead in fishing tackle, and applauded the passing of the Protecting Access for Hunting and Anglers Act earlier this month following the prohibition of lead by the Biden administration in three million acres of federal land last October.

The Director of the Minnesota-based National Loon Centre, Jon Mobeck, said he hopes more companies will follow Lindy’s example. “We are determined to get the word out that fishing lead-free is possible, affordable and the absolute right thing to do to protect our state’s precious resources.”

The designer of Lindy’s new range is Jeff Zernov, who said: “This is a very big moment for the fishing tackle industry. With this product, there is no need to use lead tackle again. Our goal is to spread the word and get people to change their ways.”

Lindy, founded in 1968 by Al and Ron Lindner, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PRADCO Outdoor Brands and its parent company EBSCO Industries.

Other tackle makers have offered lead-free alternatives while continuing to sell lead products.

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