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Award-winning show exhibitor proud of its all-women heritage


International Women’s Day earlier this month struck a chord for an award-winning brand in the fishing tackle industry.

Italian-based Plastools – maker of OEM fishing line and environmentally-friendly spools – is in a class of its own when it comes promoting the concept of women in the workplace. Its entire staff are female and have played a major part in the success of Plastools for 60 years.

Moira Dal Pozzo (below right), owner of the company, told Angling International: “It all started with my father when females were recruited to work on the production line making terminal tackle. With their delicate hands and quick fingers, they were considered better suited for the work than men.

“In Italy there is still a traditionalist belief among many of ‘a woman’s place is in the home’ and a belief that men are superior. Women are still paid less. At Plastools we are proud of our equal pay stance which we introduced years ago.

“We like to believe we are building opportunities for women. Building a business around this is a rare concept in the country. We are proud to be an all-woman team. It is a progressive approach which we hope encourages other companies to do the same thing.

“The fishing market is predominantly comprised of men, but we take pride as women in being part of it and being suppliers through our OEM products to the male fishing sector.”

Moira added that she believes women have more to offer when it comes to contributing to a team effort and are more likely to feel part of a family. “That is what we are first and foremost – a family. Everyone is involved in business decisions and I am very proud of our team.”

Moira was speaking after registering for Angling International LIVE. “It is very important that the European trade has a fishing show, and we are really happy that it is taking place again this year.”

Plastools was one of the undoubted success stories at last year’s EFTTEX in Budapest – winning three product awards and one for best booth at the show (below).

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