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Fishbites solves age-old problem with E-Z Pro


Not knowing whether your bait is still on the hook is a frustration experienced by most anglers. Now Florida-based brand Fishbites says it has solved the problem with its new E-Z Pro.

Created for the the offshore angler, these baits feature a cloth mesh in the middle of the bait that keeps it on the hook for longer. In addition, Fishbites says it uses a formula that replicates the natural chemicals by which fish detect and track their prey.

Fishbites gradually dissolve in the water, releasing a trail of feeding stimulants. The texture and flavour cause the fish to hold on longer, increasing the chances of setting the hook.

“What sets these baits apart from others on the market is there is no mess,” said Terry Dillinger, President of Fishbites’ parent company, Carr Specialty Baits. “Offshore anglers know how frustrating it is to drop their bait down and have no idea if it makes it to the bottom before falling off or if it’s stolen by small fish. This bait stays on the hook longer so anglers can catch more fish.”

E-Z Pro baits come in a variety of colours and scents, including shrimp, crab and squid. There are four baits per bag.

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