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Rob Carter: The 5 reasons you need to be at Angling International LIVE


Rob Carter, Angling International owner, writes: Was it really only one month ago that we officially announced Angling International LIVE, our new show for the European trade? In just a few short weeks in March – made shorter still by the Easter break in Europe and other parts of the world – we have taken significant steps towards filling the show floor at the HUNGEXPO in Budapest in September.

The bookings from tackle brands and suppliers from all over the world has proved what we always suspected. Europe can not be without a trade show. But it has also proved something else. Which is that Angling International is best placed to spread that message across the world, to exhibitors and buyers, and to create an event where more professionals come together than at any previous European trade show.

We aim to repay the support of our first exhibitors (more of that below), but we also understand that some companies need a little extra reassurance that Angling International LIVE will work for them. Plus, I know you have busy lives with other priorities. You might – just – have not taken the time to consider the opportunity that we are presenting your business this year.

So, one month after our launch and with less than six months until we open our doors, I make no apologies for offering up the five biggest reasons for being at Angling International LIVE in September.

1. You will be in good company

Check out our cover story. PRADCO, the biggest supplier of lures in the United States, is the latest big name international tackle company to commit to being on the show floor. Until now, our marketing has been focused on SMEs in Europe, who see the value of meeting all their customers in one place and at low cost. But Angling International LIVE, with its September timing, is already becoming the place for brands to launch new products for the year ahead. Your counterparts in the trade are realising that, why not you?

2. Not there? Your customers will meet your competitors instead

I‘m not one for using the fear of missing out, but there is some truth in the fact that if you don’t come and meet your customers, they will explore business opportunities with your rivals instead. I spoke to a Japanese exhibitor at the last European trade show in Budapest and when I asked if he had had a good show, his reply was straight to the point. ‘Yes, because my competitors were not here.’ He cleaned up. Take note.

3. You will get added support to promote your booth

This is a show with a difference. It is promoted by Angling International, which means we can offer high value packages to our exhibitors to promote their booths and their products in the months before the show. In the magazine, on the website and in our show e-newsletters. All for free when you book a booth. And, like I said above, there is extra value for early bookers. We can be promoting your booth and your brand for fully six months before the show. All you have to do is sign up now.

4. We’ll be promoting the show to retailers like never before

Likewise, we will use the power of Angling International‘s platforms to promote the show to visitors. Nothing has been attempted on this scale before for a European show. Of course, we expect all exhibitors to alert their retailers to the opportunities in Budapest, but we will do the heavy lifting, Europe-wide and week after week. And we expect that to bring more visitors to our trade show than ever before – every one of them a potential customer for your business.

5. This matters to the future of the trade in Europe

Do you need a vibrant tackle market in Europe in order to thrive as a business? Then you need to be supporting an event that brings the trade together, to conduct business, discuss issues, drive forward trends and make connections for the future. As I said, we here at Angling International will do the heavy lifting, but you need to play your part too. For everyone’s future. So, register online, book a booth, make your plans… and tell your customers and friends. We will build it, but for your future prosperity, you need to support it. As I said the day we launched the show, let’s do this!

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