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Registration opens for our new trade show in Europe!


Angling International has responded to demands from the tackle trade by launching a new trade show in Europe. The first ever Angling International LIVE show will take place this year between September 26 and 28 at the HUNGEXPO in Budapest, and registration is open right now.

The show will fill the gap in the calendar left by the EFTTEX trade show, which will not take place in 2024. The owner of that show, the trade association EFTTA, confirmed to Angling International’s editors in February that EFTTA’s focus will be on growing membership and its lobbying work in the European Parliament.

Rob Carter, the owner of Angling International, said: “We are delighted to announce a new trade show for Europe, taking place in September. We have been talking to businesses in Europe and around the world for some months, including our long-term magazine advertisers and exhibitors from the last EFTTEX in Budapest.

“From those conversations it quickly became clear that the industry wants a trade show in Europe, and people trust Angling International to deliver it. So that is what we are going to do.

“We have partnered with the team that organised the successful return of a European show last year and we are returning to the same venue. That means everything is in place for us to move quicky and without any snags.”

But there are two big differences compared to last year and to all previous European shows, said Carter. “Firstly, we are holding the show in September. The majority of exhibitors tell us that is the best time to talk to retailers about products for the new season. We want more retailers at the show, so we have listened and switched the date from June.

“And, secondly, we are going to focus on growing attendance. We are going to target the widest possible trade audience in Europe and use all our Angling International media platforms to promote the show, promote our exhibitors and attract more visitors.

“We have the power to do it. Our monthly magazine, our website, our weekly e-newsletters and our social media activity are read by retailers, distributors, influencers, bloggers, editors, angling charities and more. To all of them we intend to drive home the message that Europe has a new show and everyone connected to the trade is invited.”

Carter said that Angling International is uniquely placed to make a European trade show happen, thanks to its capacity to publish content through its many channels. “We will drive awareness quickly and consistently,” he said. “But this show will only succeed with the full support of the trade.

“We have been asked to make Angling International LIVE happen, but making it a reality requires a team effort from everybody connected to the trade in Europe. If the European trade wants to flourish, it needs a show where businesses can come together and engage. And for that show to succeed, we need as many businesses as possible to exhibit, visit and promote their presence at the event. The good news is, if you are willing to support the show, we will support you.

“We have the power to promote our exhibitors far and wide over the next six months, and we have the power to attract visitors in greater numbers.

“Our mission is to bring together more people from the European trade than any past shows. We are ready to make that happen, you should be too. If your business or your career depends on a thriving and dynamic European tackle trade, there are two things you need to do: get involved now and get to Budapest in September.”

Carter added that exhibitors will be able to take advantage of added-value packages combining booth space with promotions on other Angling International platforms. “This is not just a three-day event, this is a six-month marketing opportunity for exhibitors.

“That is the advantage of a show promoted by a media company. We can add value to your presence in the hall long before the show takes place. And the sooner you book, the more promotional space we can offer you.”

On replacing EFTTEX in the calendar, Carter said: “We have been talking to potential exhibitors for many months, but we waited for EFTTA to confirm to us that there were no plans for an EFTTEX trade show. We are not in the business of competing with an established service or of causing confusion in the trade.

“But this is a perfect situation. EFTTA can focus on what it wants to do as a representative body, we can do what we are good at – being a marketing platform for our customers in the trade. We understand EFTTA’s priorities on membership and hope our platforms can help the Association achieve them. After a period of uncertainty, the European trade can look forward to a more stable and brighter future.”

Register for Angling International LIVE here to receive updates and to be among the first exhibitors to select your booth at the HUNGEXPO.

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