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Tourist trade hit by Norwegian salmon fishing ban


The fishing tourist trade in Norway will be heavily affected by the country’s decision to suspend salmon fishing indefinitely on 33 of its main rivers following evidence that the population of the species is ‘crashing’.

The sudden action took place at the end of last month and it is believed that similar moves will be taken on other rivers.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has blamed the action and situation on ‘human activity’. It said in a statement: “Escaped farmed fish, salmon lice and humpback salmon are the biggest threats. We also see a lower survival rate in the sea.

“It is uncertain to what extent climate change affects salmon today, but it will change the living conditions of the species in the future and reinforces the need to deal with other threats and ensure the population’s ability to adapt to these changes.”

The Norwegian Environment Agency added that the action has been taken with a ‘heavy heart’. It said: “The move will badly hit the tourist trade in affected areas as we know that summer salmon fishing is an important tradition and a great joy for many, but now every salmon simply counts.

“It is our responsibility to ensure enough spawning salmon enter the rivers so there will be enough young salmon next year to carry the stock forward. Therefore, it is crucial not to risk a long-term failure.

“Wild salmon have been at low levels for some time, but the situation was a lot worse last year. Catches were well below half what they should be.”

The ban is open-ended, but it is assumed that it will remain in place until the stocks show sufficient recovery.

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