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German government urged to stop ‘unhindered’ reproduction of cormorants


The Federal Government in Germany has been urged to act on the proliferation of the scourge of anglers – cormorants.

The Environment Committee of the Bundestag – the country’s government – has put forward an action plan to control the population of cormorants, which have a severe detrimental effect on fish stocks across Europe.

The Government has been urged by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group to establish a comprehensive nationwide cormorant management plan to deter the species and stop further unhindered reproduction. It also calls on fish to be given the same priority as the protection of birds in order to safeguard and promote biodiversity and develop appropriate nature control regulations.

It further says that to protect recreational and commercial fishing from damage caused by cormorants, support programmes for protective measures should be implemented.

The Committee on the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection recommends that the European Commission be lobbied to classify the cormorant as a ‘huntable’ species.

The motion is an important step to bring concerns of German anglers to the forefront of the nation. The country’s representative body for anglers, the DAFV, has been calling on the Federal Government to develop an action plan for cormorant management for many years.

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