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Videos! Eagle Claw’s hooks and more for ICAST


Innovative US hookmaker Eagle Claw – an ICAST regular – will be showing off new hooks and a fly fishing combo when the doors open in Orlando later this month.

Trokar Pro-V Drop Shot
Whether you are a weekend warrior or a on a pro-tour, the Trokar Pro-V Drop has been designed to take your drop shot game to another level. Standing on the shoulders of the legendary TK150, Eagle Claw has taken all its elements and added the sheer locking power of the Pro-V Bend. “As soon as you reel down, the Trokar point slices through like butter and the Pro-V design immediately funnels down into the deepest point of the V, locking the fish as it tries to throw the hook,” explains Eric Allee, Content Marketing Coordinator at Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle. It is available in sizes ranging from four to 1/0 to give you all the options you need to tackle small, largemouth and spotted bass. Also available in Lazer Sharp (L6VP).

Trokar Bait Saver Circle Hook
Designed to ensure anglers spend more time fishing and less worrying about bait. By collaborating with Captains Rick Murphy and Jot Owens, Eagle Claw has perfected the placement of the monofilament loop to secure the bait without harming its gills, preventing the quick death of baits and keeping it from fouling. Built on a proven TK5, the Bait Saver Circle Hook is available in 7/0, 8/0 and 9/0.

Jupiter/Inlet Rig
Spend more time fishing and less rigging with the Lazer Sharp Jupiter Rig. “This ‘must-have’ rig is ideal for fishing inlets and works for a great variety of species, including snook and redfish,” says Allee. “It’s designed to be snag-free and roll across the bottom in strong currents.” It comes in 2oz, 3oz and 4oz weights and features Platinum Black 2004EL Inline Circle Hooks in 7/0 and 9/0 sizes.

Lazer Sharp Bucktail Jigs
Threse jigs harness the effectiveness of American-made Pro-V hooks to increase the catch rate of many species. Available in four versatile sizes and six fish-catching colours.

Featherlight Pro-Fly Rod Combos
Combines the long-storied tradition of the Featherlight with today’s modern rod and reel technology to deliver a fishing experience that does not cost an arm and a leg. The rods are made from a lightweight composite that offers precision casting with forgiveness that is ideal for beginners and long-time fly exponents alike. Two-tone AA cork grips offer all-day comfort and an excellent feel. The lightweight aluminium reels feature a solid 1+1 ball bearing system, ensuring smooth operation both reeling and via the drag system. Each combo comes with a tough rod case for protection.

ICAST Booth No: 2212

+1 720 941 8700

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