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ICAST: Lunkerhunt unveils five new baits for the show floor


Lunkerhunt has released details of five launches at ICAST – and promised that there is more to come before the doors open at the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show.

The Canadian brand will be giving a debut to the Finesse Skirted Jig, which it says combines high quality craftsmanship with exceptional performance. It is engineered with a dual titanium brush guard for durability, premium two-tone paint for increased allure and a hand-tied skirt for lasting reliability. Lunkerhunt maintains that this jig is not just another tool for you tackle box – it is a testament to precision engineering and angler-focused design.

The Micro and Finesse Seeker Swimbaits are the latest additions to Lunkerhunt’s popular Hive Swimbait line-up. Designed with UDSP (Utra Durable Soft Plastic) for exceptional durability and a soft, lifelike feel, they feature a paddle tail that creates what is described as an ‘irresistible’ swimming action. Perfectly downsized for perch, zander and other spinfishing species, they come in colours selected to attract game fish.

The Versa Toad is the latest Lunkerhunt innovation in the Hive line-up of soft plastic baits made with durable UDSP. This versatile 3.75ins floating bait is designed to navigate through any cover you can imagine. “Its lively, fish-enticing paddle feet create a surface commotion that draws fish from afar and tempts those hiding in heavy cover,” says the company’s Josh Gullion. “Perfect for Texas rigging, the Versa Toad that can be buzzed across your favourite cover or open water, making it an essential addition to the tackle box.”

The Impact Series Dart TB (Twitch Bait) is a versatile slow sinking lipless hardbait that has been designed for both large predator saltwater and freshwater fishing.

“With saltwater-rated components and wire-through construction, it is a bait to last,” said Gullion. “The Dart TB delivers an erratic action on hard jerks and smooth gliding with light twitches, mimicking distressed baitfish to attract predators. Its lifelike patterns and balanced design ensure an excellent performance no matter where you fish.”

Also new at ICAST this year is the Impact Series Hitch JM (Jointed Monnow) bait that is designed to captivate the most elusive of game fish. With an exaggerated ‘baitfish in distress’ swimming action, this jointed lure attracts otherwise disinterested predators. Ideal for trolling or cast-and-retrieve in popular colours that include glow patterns for enhanced visibility, it has a weight transfer system for effortless casting.

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