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ICAST preview: PRADCO’s big line-up for Orlando


PRADCO-Fishing, one of the world’s largest suppliers of fresh and saltwater lures will be showing off innovations from some of its most iconic brands.

The Arkansas business gave Angling International a sneak preview of what visitors to its ICAST booth can expect.

GLF Hover Minnow

The only soft bait of its kind. Featuring a unique concave belly, it offers both spiralling and darting actions. As the Cindy Rig, Moping, Mid-Strolling and Hover Strolling techniques have become more popular, fish are becoming conditioned and harder to catch. When fished vertically, it glides in a spiraling pattern on the fall and darts randomly when jigged in place. When fished horizontally, any twitch of your rod will have it rolling, darting and gliding randomly. 

GLF Matte Finesse Jig

A super finesse micro jig with a hook that can handle the biggest fish in the lake. The Matte Finesse Jig is built on a 1/0 Gamakatsu 604 hook. The ball head design will crawl through rocks and sparse vegetation with ease while not chipping. The skirt material is super thin so it will pulse in the water with minimal jig movement; and the oversized keeper will securely hold any small soft plastic trailer you choose.

BOOYAH Flashpoint Jerkbait

Answering the clamour from Live Sonar anglers for innovation, the Flashpoint Jerkbait boasts a truly unique design. The slender minnow has raised body sections for a quick darting action, but the key to the lure is a custom blade fixed to the head which provides a subtle baitfish flash that shines ‘like a beacon’ on Live Sonar.

Heddon Spin N Image

A rotating tail topwater lure with a finesse buzzing action that is said to drive bass insane. It is moulded after the popular Spit N Image shad style body and complemented with a hard plastic rotating tail, which features a small hole for adding a finesse sound and bubble trail as it tracks the surface. This finesse topwater commotion is appealing to extremely pressured bass in clear water.

Bandit Walleye Shad

Described as the ‘ultimate’ shad profile crankbait. Features an anatomically correct body that was moulded after viewing several types of shad forage present in the Great Lakes region. The body has extremely flat sides to give it a very tight wiggle appeal to over-pressured fish.

Bobby Garland Head Turn’R

A first of its kind for the crappie market. This jighead features a sharp hook and innovative bait keeper for use with soft plastic crappie baits. Twin willow blades keep spinning no matter what direction the bait is moving, allowing for 360 degrees of action. Paired with a small plastic swimbait, it can be rigged for long-line trolling, casting and retrieving, vertical jigging and dock shooting. Its design keeps the blade free from tangling on impact or during the fall.

Bobby Garland Brush Off

Continues the brand’s reputation for crappie fishing product innovation. Features a sharp hook and innovative bait keeper that results in the perfect jighead for use with soft plastic crappie baits. A twin, thin wire guard allows the jighead to glide through brush without deterring hooksets. Paired with a small crappie bait, it can be rigged for long-line trolling, spider rigging, slip corking, casting and retrieving, vertical jigging and dock shooting. The design of the jighead allows it to be worked into and through brush snag-free and get soft plastic baits into places jigheads can’t.

Rebel Soft Plastics

Rebel LIVEflex Premium Soft Plastics are scent-infused to draw in fish. Designed to last all day, they come in lifelike shapes and colours designed to mimic natural prey. Pre-rigged on the unique KEG head jig, they are great for Ned rigging, bouncing through the current, dragging bottom, swimming, dropshotting, Texas rigging, split-shot rigging or rigging weightless for twitching. Variations include: LIVEflex Cata Crawler, Creek Craw, Creek Creature, Hopper and Shore Shinner.

Rebel KEG Head Jigs

The KEG really is a jack-of all-trades. Its design allows the jig to wobble off rocks and cover when working the bottom. It offers a perfectly balanced swimbait head throughout the water column or sitting horizontal under a float bobber. Every aspect of the KEG Head Jig has been designed to position each of the Rebel LIVEflex soft plastic shapes at the precise angle to achieve the most lifelike appearance and movement in the water.



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