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ICAST: FirstDart prepares to unveil next gen fly fishing mono


Top OEM line maker FirstDart will be unveiling its next generation of fly fishing monofilament at ICAST.

The Singapore-based company – a regular at the world’s largest fishing trade show – says that its G2R running line delivers a range of advantages designed to elevate the fishing experience.

These include:

Controlled stiffness: It is designed to have the durability to handle challenging conditions, reduce tangles and increases confidence when faced with landing large fish.

Temperature stability: Anglers can fish comfortably in any environment with G2R as it maintains its mechanical properties in extreme temperatures. This consistency of performance is crucial for a reliable fishing experience.

Impact resilience: G2R boasts superior impact resistance, enduring sudden shocks and rough handling without compromising performance integrity.

Chemical and UV resistance: G2R is resistant to chemicals, oils, solvents and UV radiation, ensuring a long life and reliability in harsh conditions.

Premium quality: As a flagship product in FirstDart’s fly line series, the G2R running line represents reliability, durability and high level performance – all essential for targeting trophy catches.

FirstDart will also be presenting its PFAS-free PVDF line, the RXi Plus at ICAST. The use of PFAS, which has negative effects on human health, has become a major talking point.

FirstDart General Manager Sandy Ogata, told Angling International that its PFAS-free PVDF line has been produced in response to customers in the US regarding its content in fluorocarbon line. “In line with our mission of developing new materials and technology capabilities, we are working on ways with our customers of achieving compliance to regulations that are applicable to them.

“Customers seeking PFAS alternatives are invited to explore our lines, manufactured using PVDF raw materials that do not utliise PFAS polymerisation aids.

“The seriousness of the effect of PFAS on the environment aside, the regulations pertaining to its use do not significantly impact our operations as we manufacture a diverse range of lines that are free of PFAS.”


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