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Varivas best-selling braid makes way for young pretender


New Avani Jigging 10×10 PEX9 set to be a star in 2024

The popular Varivas Avani Jigging 10×10 PEX8 is set to be upstaged by the 10×10 PEX9, which will be released next month. Its stand-out feature is the X9 ‘Core Input’ from Varivas (below) which delivers improved tension and even better durability.

It delivers a straight line performance and boasts ultra-low stretch of around three per cent. This results in significant reduction of flex in the line, allowing it to fall more quickly and increasing sensitivity.

Varivas has also upgraded its own SP-T line coating to SP-TII which improves durability and water resistance.

Products from Varivas, which has a history stretching back more than 40 years, are sold in more than 50 countries across the world.

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