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Dutch wholesaler: European show is a ‘great opportunity’ to source products


A veteran of nearly 20 appearances at Europe’s tackle trade show is returning as an exhibitor at Angling International LIVE.

Netherlands-based retailer and wholesaler Raven Fishing will be back looking for business opportunities that it says could give it an edge over its rivals. The company’s Gerco Consemulder told Angling International: “The show has always been successful for us. It is a great opportunity to source new products and touch base with our current partners in one place rather than having to travel across Europe for individual meetings.

“It also gives us an opportunity to see a lot of new products that we would not normally see and develop potential new business. Visits to the show in the past have seen us sign a distribution deal for the Netherlands with Japanese hook maker Owner and also pick up some special baits from a US supplier which gave us an advantage in the market in Europe. It is deals like this that make the show so important to Raven.

“Being at the event gives you a sense of the way the fishing market is going and the trends that may be the next big thing. As we work one or two years ahead, this is invaluable for helping us plan ahead.”

Raven Fishing has two bricks and mortar locations in the Netherlands which Consemulder says are bucking the perceived belief that internet sales present a growing threat to traditional retail outlets. He said: “Sales have been growing for the last four years and there are a number of reasons for that.

“Brands are not as important as they were before. Anglers are coming to look at the big ticket items like reels and want advice on the benefits of each one. They are coming into an environment where they trust the people there and where they can also touch and feel the product before making their choice.”


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