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ICAST: Be prepared for the ‘lifelike and dynamic’ LIVETARGET Craw


Lure supplier LIVETARGET is one of the most successful performers at shows with a record-breaking list of major awards.

At ICAST – the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show – the Mustad-owned brand will be looking to build upon its reputation as a winner when it debuts the LIVETARGET Craw, which it says heralds a departure from the conventional soft plastic lure design.

“This innovative technology integrates lifelike anatomical features – such as a segmented body replete with intricate textures and ridges, augmented by rendered claws, legs and even the discernible sharp eyestalk – within a dynamic inner core,” explained Isaac Payne, Director of Innovation and Product Development.

“The unique injection laminate process further enhances the inner core with intricately layered metallic hues encapsulated within a robust, transparent exoskeleton.”

The fusion of a detailed inner core with a translucent outer layer not only provides the LIVETARGET Craw with exceptional realism, but also ensures its superior functionality. “ICT guarantees that the lure exhibits unmatched action, enticing bass with its natural appearance under conditions of sparse natural forage, heightened angler pressure or when fish are conditioned to specific bait presentations,” added Payne.

Available in two sizes – 2.8 inches and 3.8 inches – the LIVETARGET Craw offers unparalleled versatility in depth, speed control and fishability. “Rigging this realistic craw imitation is both straightforward and versatile, facilitating effortless hook concealment and optimal hook penetration upon a strike,” added Payne.

“Featuring a body of optimal thickness to securely accommodate a heavy-gauge flipping hook, yet not impeding hooksets, the lure’s unique appendages induce pronounced kicking and quivering motions with minimal angler input, mirroring the sedentary and defensive postures innate to live crayfish, whether punched, jigged or presented on a Texas rig.

“Moreover, its distinctive profile permits anglers to rig it with the tail folded under the hook, enhancing displacement during retrieval and providing a flat surface for accommodating a bullet weight or jighead.”

Whether navigating a secluded pond or a sprawling reservoir, astute anglers are advised to vigilantly monitor their line as it falls. On the descent, the bait takes a defensive posture with the claws rising and waving as it sinks. A sudden jump or twitch in the slack line often heralds a strike, as the LIVETARGET Craw is frequently intercepted before reaching the substrate.

With its combination of ICT inner core and exoskeleton, the LIVETARGET Craw epitomises a harmonious blend of softness and durability, capable of withstanding repeated catches without tearing or compromising its vibrant coloration.

Available in 12 distinct colour variations and two size options, it stands unrivalled in its realism and attraction, says LIVETARGET. The 2.8-inch version is best paired with a 2/0 Mustad AlphaPoint Assault Wide Gap hook while the 3.8-inch alternative is good with a 5/0. Sold unrigged with a MSRP of $7.99.


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