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VIDEO: the finesse baits heading to Europe’s big show


One of the world’s largest suppliers of lures will be among the star exhibitors at Angling International LIVE and will be bringing a host of new products to Europe for the first time.

PRADCO-Fishing will be showcasing its latest acquisition, Great Lakes Finesse, and showing off three newcomers to its range in Budapest: the GLF Hanging Head, GLF Juicy Hellgrammite and GLF Juvy Craw.

Hanging Head

Launched at this year’s Bassmaster Classic, the Hanging Head has been designed to present any soft bait horizontally in the water column when dropping down or swinging over fish. Featuring a fine wire Gamakatsu 1/0 hook and wire bait keeper, it has been designed to perfectly match the GLF Drop Minnow.

“The Hanging Head is a product we needed badly to effectively hang the Drop Minnow with light line and longer light action rods,” said Dan Miguel, Global Brand Manager at GLF. “We found that as we went down to 3lb to 6lb test line that we needed to fool the most pressured and stubborn fish to bite, we really struggled with hook penetration using jig heads with normal thicker gauge hooks. We were losing too many fish. The Hanging Head is the ideal solution.”

Juicy Hellgrammite

The 2.4ins Juicy Hellgrammite imitates one of the favourite protein-rich foods of bass – the hellgrammite. What separates this hellgrammite from others is the smaller profile, matte no-shine finish, and most importantly, its true neutral buoyancy, which allows it to be fished properly on a drop shot. The natural movement of this bait will trigger big bites when it’s slowly crawled along the bottom but really shines when presented perfectly horizontal on a drop shot.

“This is a product we feel fills a huge void in the market,” says Miguel. “For years, top tournament anglers have been secretly using Hellgrammite baits in tournaments and cleaning up. That said, we never had one we felt was finesse-y or natural enough that could catch those super pressured big fish. Now we do.”

Juvy Craw

Designed to pair with the already popular Mini Pro Tube Head, the Juvy Craw 2.5ins resembles a juvenile crawfish. When the tube head is pushed into the body, the hook shank sits right between the two tentacles allowing the hook to blend in and the bait to sit upright with its flat bottom. When fished, the Juvy Craw will behave like a small defenceless crawfish on the fall and when dragged/hopped along the bottom. This bait features floating claws and tentacles.

Miguel says: “We know how important a tube bait is for bass anglers, and we know how much bass love to eat crawfish. This seemed so obvious to us that we asked ourselves over and over again during the development process… why has no one done this before?”

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