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Lindy B-Max ‘safer than lead and cheaper than tungsten’


Lindy Fishing Tackle is to introduce its B-MAX – Bismuth Maximum Performance – jigs at this year’s ICAST show in July.

The jigs use a blend of bismuth and other metals which Lindy says is comparable to lead on size but harder, and allows for greater sensitivity and stronger returns on sonar, and costs much less than tungsten.

The ICAST launch includes several proven Lindy jigs recreated in B-MAX. The first of the new range will include the Lindy Jig, Live Bait Jig and the Max Gap Jig. There will be 144 variations of sizes and colours.

According to Lindy, its proprietary blend and unique moulding process creates jig heads comparable in size to lead jig heads of the same weight.

Lindy says: “Concerns about the toxicity of lead have long had tackle manufacturers seeking alternative materials for jig heads and weights, along with prompting stricter regulations in places regarding the sale and use of lead products. Size differences that impact fishing performance and higher cost have prevented previous alternative materials from providing an ideal replacement for anglers.”

Lindy’s Ron Kiffmeyer added: “This new material is a real game changer. Compared to tungsten, the biggest difference is cost. B-Max is nearly half the cost of tungsten and fishes much better than lead. Unlike other lead alternatives, which sacrifice performance, B-MAX actually fishes better than lead, because it is harder, which means greater sensitivity,” 

The packaging for B-MAX is made from sustainable post-consumer recycled board and is plastic free.

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