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How tech from Livingston Lures makes a big difference when money’s on the line


Angling International has spoken to pro-angler Steven Paul (main image), who explains how the brand’s EBS Sound Technology has been perfected thanks to connections in the commercial fishing world.

Steven Paul: As a professional angler for Livingston Lures, I have been asked numerous times: ‘What is it like to fish for a living?’ While I am always flattered by this question, I must admit I have never fully embraced the concept of fishing as a livelihood.

My hesitation derives from the simple fact that what I do as a guide is firstly to provide an enjoyable experience for my clients, followed by producing a trophy catch and photo. While guiding is undoubtedly a profession, I have always viewed the fish themselves not as the product of the work but rather a part of the experience. Hence the hesitation in proclaiming that I fish for a living.

With this in mind, I think a bit of separation between a guide and a true fleet captain is important. In actuality, in today’s modern age, only a few hardened souls toil on the water to produce fish as a tangible product. These hardy seafarers are dependent on full nets and pots to provide not only for themselves but their crew and their families. This is true pressure. While a pleasure captain might be able to chalk up a bad day to conditions, men who have to catch fish to pay their bills can’t lean on excuses.

With so much pressure to produce, it’s no wonder that some of the world’s top captains have turned to the team at Livingston Lures to help keep their competitive edge. From the frigid waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea to the warm blue water of the Pacific, captains looking to increase their profits know they can count on Livingston Lures EBS Sound Technology to take their bounties to the next level.

The research and development team at Livingston is a restless bunch always working to stay ahead of the curve, a group driven in a relentless quest for ways to maximise every opportunity and every second on the water. From lobster and crab callers that have been proven on the world’s biggest stage, the hit TV show Deadliest Catch, to catching world-class blue marlin that rock the scales, Livingston is there to push the boundaries of what is possible.

If casual angling is an art form, then industrial fishing is a science. And when money and livelihoods are on the line some of the world’s best know they can count on Livingston to give them the advantage they need. This level of excellence is carried throughout the entire Livingston product line and those feelings of confidence are shared by our trade partners.

Our retail partners know that each and every lure they receive is built to the highest standards and backed with guaranteed quality assurances. Livingston Lures is dedicated to providing tackle that is not only high quality, but also revolutionary because of EBS technology. Anglers who fish recreationally can count on our lures to increase their joy, but anglers who fish for a living know that Livingston Lures will increase their bottom line with reliable products that consistently produce great results.

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