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Iconic fly brand ‘delighted’ by the arrival of Angling International LIVE


One of the world’s oldest and most iconic fly fishing brands will be at Angling International LIVE.

US-based Cortland Line Company was founded in 1915 and has been designing and manufacturing fly line for over 100 years. After witnessing the successful return of EFTTEX in Budapest, it was one of the first brands to sign up for the new show.

Simon Jefferies (below), Cortland’s International Sales Director, said: “Following the positivity around the show in Budapest last year, we are delighted that Angling International has stepped up and delivered for the European trade. As a US manufacturer, the European show gives us a great platform to meet potential new partners.

“It is vital for the trade, especially the small-to-medium suppliers. It gives them an opportunity to all meet together in one place at the same time, cutting down on the high overheads of travelling to see distributors and suppliers separately.”

Jefferies added that beside its domestic marketplace, Cortland sees the European market as at its clear second most important region. “We supply most countries in Europe either through distributors or direct to retailers in the smaller countries.”

Retailers were allowed into the show free of charge last year. It is a policy that will be continued in Budapest again this year. “It was one of the biggest issues I had with previous trade shows,” said Jefferies. “It is difficult to believe retailers were charged to attend a trade show where they were going to spend money.”

Jefferies revealed that at this year’s show, Cortland is planning to show a lot more of its braid, including the revolutionary Hollow-core C16 super braid.

“In addition to that, we have a number of new fly lines and leaders on show. We are also working hard to get our new range of nymph rods ready too.”

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