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FIRST LOOK: Mustad lines up ‘unmatched’ Ultra-Nor hooks for ICAST


A new range of hooks made using a wire forging process ‘unmatched in the fishing industry’ is soon to be unveiled by master hook manufacturer Mustad.

Ultra-Nor forging technology is the result of breakthrough engineering developed by the Norwegian company and will be revealed to the trade for the first time at ICAST in July this year. Another industry first from Mustad, it will maximise wire strength and minimise fish loss, promises the manufacturer.

“Ultra-Nor forging technology will be introduced to many of our legendary hook shapes already loved worldwide,” said Enrico Parmeggiani, Mustad’s Head of Global Development. “We’ve also refreshed an iconic Mustad hook that tuna anglers will be thrilled to welcome into the range.”

The new hooks are intended primarily for saltwater use, a sector in which Mustad excels. “Sea fishing applications are our bread and butter, so we see innovation for demanding inshore techniques as very important,” explained Parmeggiani. “We are proud of the team of engineers that has put years of development work and testing into this game-changing technology.”

The new proprietary, patented process presses the wire used in hook production on all sides, compressing it into an I-Beam shape so that no material can escape or expand. The compression changes the dynamics of the high carbon steel through the slow tempering process used to improve strength and holding capacity beyond that of other hooks in the market.

Compared to standard forging techniques, Ultra-Nor improves pull strength by up to 15% for the same wire gauge, a huge advantage when there are fine margins between catching or losing the fish of a lifetime.

Mustad has carefully selected several series of hooks that excel in the catching of saltwater species, including both bait hooks and lure hooks for offshore fishing. And to complement the strength of Ultra-Nor forging, Mustad has added a Titan Steel coating, a nano thin finish second only to stainless steel and which resists saltwater corrosion for more than 500 hours.

“Testing these hooks has proven their success in satisfying demanding anglers,” adds Parmeggiani. “Ultra-Nor forging technology is already finding applications and will drive significant expansion in our hook ranges in seasons to come.”

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