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Point-of-sale masterstroke gives Darts a big sales uplift


Darts customers in the Nordic region are reporting increases in terminal tackle sales of up to 40% – and it’s not costing them anything.

The extra sales are being driven by simple sales boards that the Swedish tackle company provides free of charge to more than 200 retailers in the four Scandinavian countries.

“It’s like having an extra salesperson in the store,” said Johan Threms, CEO and Business Developer at Darts. “Having everything on one board gives the customer an overview of the range and helps them find what they are looking for.

“When the customer is at the checkout it is easy for them to just take a bag of terminal tackle. It’s a natural up-sell. The result is additional sales. Margins of 60-70% are nothing unusual.”

Darts has produced ten different display boards promoting everything from hooks, rings and bait locks to floats, leaders and lures.

The boards are updated from time-to-time with new ranges and are again provided to retailers at no cost. “All we ask in return is that that the stores fill the display boards with our products,” says Threms.

To make it even simpler for consumers, product packaging is colour coded to make it easy for them to find what they want. And when it comes to increased demand, Darts has it covered. “We always prioritise the products displayed on the boards to make sure we can provide additional orders within two to three days,” added Threms. “Our boards are now so popular that customers look for them when they enter the store.”

The Malmo company has 45 years’ experience in competitive fishing, product development and sales, with a key focus on developing a wide range of products for different fishing techniques. Its staff includes competition anglers who have fished at the highest level, along with specialists in predator and specimen fishing. It also collaborates with guides and other experts in the testing of new products.

To keep costs down and ensure high margins for its partners, Darts works directly with manufacturers and suppliers. “We are a small company and must work hard on margins by constantly keeping track on the processes of suppliers,” says Threms. “We will not provide products to our retailers and distributors unless we can offer a good margin.”

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