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Livingston Lures banks on testing in Europe to give it a sharper edge


Anglers don’t want hype, they want results for their hard-earned money, says Livingston Lures Executive Sales Director Erick Arnoldson.

European pike and predator anglers are savvy consumers with two pre-requisites when it comes to the purchase of a new lure. Firstly, this consumer group wants a top-quality product featuring premium paint jobs, durability and rugged hardware. Secondly, and most importantly, they demand a lure that will produce world class pike and predatory game fish. These two expectations are non-negotiable for serious European anglers and cannot be circumvented by flashy corporate marketing or hype, adds Arnoldson.

“While this consumer group worldwide bases its buying habits on these two core principles, it is abundantly clear that the majority of manufacturers in the European pike and predator market simply cannot meet the second and most important demand – consistent on the water results.

“Just think back over recent years of all the lures that have been touted as ‘guaranteed sellers’ that have now have seemingly disappeared as if they never existed. And some wonder why anglers worldwide have marketing fatigue leading to slowed retail sales. Anglers don’t want to buy hype they want on-the-water results for their hard-earned money, and that is where Livingston Lures surpasses not only the competition but anglers’ expectations.”

For years Livingston Lures has used the mantra ‘The Difference is Clear’. Arnoldson explains its power like this: “While it may seem like a catchphrase, it actually encompasses our core lure-making goal which is design perfection. While this might seem like a lofty goal, it is an immovable standard at Livingston Lures.

“Before a lure can bear the Livingston name it has to be tested by anglers of all skill levels and produce consistent on-the-water results. When we reach this gold standard of design perfection, we know that when a consumer purchases a Livingston Lure it will out-perform the rest of their tackle.”

This design perfection, coupled with Baitfish Sound Technology, makes a clear difference, adds Arnoldson, ‘not only to the end user but to our retail and distribution partners.’ More catches equals more consumer sales and product turnover, but it’s something that starts on the water.

Continues Arnoldson: “Achieving lure design perfection is not something that can be done by a committee or by someone with a fancy title by their name on a business card. Lures that sell and have longevity in the marketplace start with knowledge and on-the-water experience. and this is where the pro-staff at Livingston Lures come into play.”

Members of the Livingston Lures pro-staff team travelled to Holland recently on a research and development trip in pursuit of lure perfection. Arnoldson says pro-staff members and designers spent countless hours tweaking, testing and catching Dutch pike during the final stages of prototyping the new Livingston Lures Magnus Swimbait.

“While an international trip might seem a bit extreme to some for the testing of prototypes, it is simply part of the design process at Livingston Lures. The Squeaky Pete, Titan, Kraken and Kamakaze from Livingston Lures have all been tested on European waters ensuring that our products meet the standards of your consumers.

“The extra care, attention and expertise put into Livingston Lure designs, coupled with Baitfish Sound Technology, ensures that both pre-requisites of pike and predator anglers are met – build quality and on-the-water results.”

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