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IGFA’s new partnership supports sustainable fishing


The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has entered into a new partnership with TackleWebs to promote sustainable practices in fishing.

TackleWebs is the company behind the fish-friendly Proper Support Weigh Bag and a portion of the proceeds from each bag sold will now support IGFA’s game fish conservation initiatives.

“Teaming up with the IGFA allows us to further our commitment to ethical angling,” said Captain Mike Ortego, TackleWebs founder. “The Proper Support Weigh Bag is just the beginning. We are proud to support the vital conservation work done by the Association.”

The porous bags are designed to provide a safe alternative to traditional weighing methods by reducing stress and injury to the fish during catch and release.

“Partnering with TackleWebs represents yet another example of our ongoing commitment to promote ethical angling practices,” said Jason Schratwieser, IGFA President.

“The TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag is not just an innovative product – it’s a reflection of our collective responsibility to the environment and the ethical stewardship of our aquatic ecosystems. By supporting such practices, we are not only enhancing the fishing experience but also ensuring the health and vitality of game fish populations for future generations.”

The two parties will also collaborate on educational initiatives to raise the awareness and importance of sustainable fishing practices. For more information about the TackleWebs & IGFA Proper Support Weight Bag go to www.tacklewebs.com

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