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Shimano Ultegra XR delivers a ‘revolution’ in long-range casting


Sitting at the top of the Shimano ULTEGRA big pit/surfcasting family is the XR, described as a revolution in long-range casting.

The successor to the ULTEGRA Ci4+XTC, the XR is equipped with cutting-edge technology including RIGID CAST and is said to reaffirm Shimano’s commitment to delivering top tier performance for carp and surf anglers looking for long-range casting supremacy.

Crafted with precision and strength, this lightweight 14000-sized reel boasts an array of groundbreaking features specifically engineered to maximise rod speed during long casting while ensuring smoothness under intense winding loads.

Designed for distance

“Unveiling the specifications of the ULTEGRA XR reveals a serious long-distance casting contender,” says Tim Bouwens, Shimano Marketing Team Manager – Fishing. “Boasting a large 14000 spool with Super Slow 5 Oscillation, a lightweight compact C14+body and rotor, and the company’s top-tier long-range casting technology, the ULTEGRA XR is an embodiment of unparalleled features.

“The addition of RIGID CAST takes performance to unprecedented heights by minimising spool deflection under extreme casting force.”

Performance improvements you can feel

The ULTEGRA XR is not just a long-range reel, it’s a turbo-charged long-range casting thoroughbred. Weighing in at a mere 535g, it is 10% lighter than the immensely popular standard ULTEGRA, allowing for maximised rod speeds during extreme-distance casts.

With the formidable combination of HAGANE Gearing, X-SHIP, INFINITY DRIVE and SILENT DRIVE, you will also experience powerful, ultra-smooth winding that maintains control at all times, even when playing the hardest fighting fish.

What’s it like inside?

The ULTEGRA XR boasts an ultra-light, super-rigid Ci4+ body and rotor, enhanced with some of Shimano’s finest long-range casting technologies. Built around the totally reliable HAGANE Gear and X-SHIP combination, this sleek new model also contains technological developments that are unique and exclusive to Shimano’s leading reels.

Additional features, which contribute to maximum casting performance, include PARALLEL BODY, SUPER SLOW 5 OSCILLATION and AR-C SPOOL (with spool reducers). Fish-playing performance is also further enhanced with a fast-action HI-SPEED DRAG.

All season, all weather protection

SHIMANO has designed the ULTEGRA XR to face the harshest conditions, from wild temperature fluctuations and continuous exposure in carp fishing to the corrosive saltwater environment of surfcasting. Engineered to endure, the ULTEGRA XR is fortified with X-PROTECT, Shimano’s leading multi-barrier protection, ensuring uncompromised rotational performance regardless of the environmental challenges.

The message to anglers? ‘Elevate your fishing experience – experience the distance ULTEGRA delivers.’

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