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UK B2B importer targeting larger customers in Europe


A new UK name will be making its debut at Angling International LIVE in Budapest later this year.

Sporting Wholesale Ltd is an established business-to-business importer of tackle through its NGT and Angling Pursuit Fishing brands with business in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Now, says the owner of the company, Eddy Eliaz (main picture), Angling International LIVE represents a ‘great opportunity’ for Sporting Wholesale to find more customers in Europe. “We are very strong in Holland, Germany and the Czech Republic, but have gaps in some European countries, such as France, where we would like to find larger partners to work with.

“The company is well known for its excellent quality and price. We have large stocks of the most popular products so if you are a small shop or a large distributor, Sporting Wholesale has the right tackle for you.”

Sporting Wholesale will be showcasing its most popular items of tackle at the show. “We have around 600 SKUs, most of which are items that sell in good volume. Although we cover most angling disciplines, we are very strong in the carp sector.”

Eliaz explains that he is looking to recoup some business lost through the UK’s exit from the European Union. “Brexit has made it harder to send smaller orders to the EU so we are now looking for a few larger partners who can service the tackle shops that really need good supply chain back in place.”

Eliaz adds that he could not be happier by the timing of Angling International LIVE. “The date suits us just fine – it could not be better timing. Everyone has got their products out of the way for the current season and are starting to think about the following year.”

Coming off the back of a ‘steady’ 2023, Eliaz told Angling International that the company is already performing better in terms of sales this year. “We have many new products coming out throughout 2024 so we are excited to see what the future will bring.”

T: +44 345 1242929
E: eddy@sportingwholesale.com

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