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Shimano carp brand introduces ‘mid-priced marvel’ Tribal TX4


Shimano – a trailblazer in carp rod innovation – has done it again in the shape of the new Tribal TX4.

Shimano describes the rod as a ‘mid-priced marvel’ within the Tribal TX family that redefines performance standards. Boasting ‘exceptional’ casting performance, this rod series combines cutting-edge carbon technology and – for the first time – the revolutionary T1100G high modulus carbon in the tip section for increased recovery speed and responsiveness.

Fantastic value paired with stunning performance

The TX4 stands as a testament to Shimano’s commitment to delivering the above within its price category. “Carp anglers in search of a rod range that effortlessly casts impressive distances, offers superb fish playing action and doesn’t break the bank need look no further than the TX4,” said Tim Bouwens, Shimano Marketing Team Manager – Fishing.

A rod for every occasion

The TX4 has a model for every occasion and preference. For those seeking long-range capabilities, the TX4 Intensity emerges as a true powerhouse, reaching fish at extended distances, while the 12ft (3.66m) rods strike a perfect balance between power and playability. Alternatively, anglers focused on close and mid-range fishing on smaller waters, or from a boat where shorter rods are more practical, will appreciate the 10ft (3.05m) and even shorter 9ft (2.74m) Stalker. “Both are designed with dynamic fish-playing actions that inspire confidence and enhance overall enjoyment,” added Bouwens.

Visually stunning with performance to match

Constructed on full carbon blanks with High Pressure Carbon (HPC) technology, the TX4 also benefits from Biofibre reinforcing Diaflash enhancement, and the inclusion of T1100G high modulus carbon in the tip. “The result is a visually stunning rod range that maximises the performance potential of every casting technique and ability.

“The Intensity models have demonstrated impressive casts well in excess of 200 yards, but what truly sets the TX4 apart are its tips, offering a rare combination of response, forgiveness and cushioning not typically found in mid-priced long-range rods.”

Fitted with Seaguide Zirconia guides and a visually striking 3K carbon weave Shimano reel seat, it also features a small front EVA grip and a slim shrink grip handle, which incorporates an in-built rest stopper for added security.

Bouwens added: “The TX4 fits perfectly into the middle of the Tribal rod range and reinforces Shimano’s ability to design rods that anglers of all abilities and with all budgets will be proud to own.”

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