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New Guideline fly lines now available at dealers


Two new fly lines from Guideline are now available from the Scandinavian company’s webshop and at local dealers.

The Brook WF is a small stream line designed for use in spots on rivers and lakes made difficult by trees and vegetation. With its compressed taper and short head, it loads the rod at very short distances for shooting a good line with hardly any line out from the rod tip.

Loading the rod sufficiently when casting short improves control and accuracy, says Guideline, whether overhead casting between trees or roll/spey casting.

The Highwater Classic WF is based on the popular all-green Highwater line introduced almost 20 years ago. The classic is an all-rounder that is agile enough at short to mid distance, while also making it easy for controlled longer casting.

The taper is a firm favourite among the Guideline team for fishing larger rivers and lakes.

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