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Skwala introduces what could well be its best wader so far


Skwala has introduced its third wader and it could well be the best so far from the Bozeman-based brand.

The Skwala Backeddy wader is purpose-made to handle all situations, building on the company’s previous Carbon and RS models but refreshingly different, it says.

High-scoring features include side-dump pockets imported from its Sol Tactical hoody, knee pads, a capacious chest pocket and an improved magnetic suspended release system that makes getting in and out of them easy.

The result is a refreshing change from products often branded as ‘new’ but which really only vary cosmetically from the previous models in the line.

Respected reviewer Spencer Durrant is among the new wader’s admirers. “It’s my favourite wader yet from this company. Overall, Skwala has built an exceptional piece of gear that truly adds functionality and differentiation to its product line, instead of redecorating an existing piece in an effort to bolster sales,” he writes in HATCH magazine.

In praise of the storage offered by the wader, he adds: “The massive front chest pocket is accessed via two zippers, along with a shallower zippered pocket directly above it for things you need quickly, like wallet, keys and licence.

“I’m only half joking when I say the chest pocket is large enough to store half a fly shop. It’s bigger than any chest pocket on any other wader I’ve used. I’d be surprised if you run out of room while wearing Backeddy waders.”

One possible omission from the chest pocket is a fleece lining for keeping hands warm. Skwala CEO Kevin Sloan explains: “We wanted it to be able to shake dry. You can’t do that with fleece pockets. Fleece is a detriment if it gets wet.”

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