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WFT puts faith in traditional mono with 2025 new line launch


The advent of braid may have impacted on sales of monofilament, but the more traditional line still has a big international market, says World Fishing Tackle (WFT) Managing Director Christian Dibisch.

WFT produces three different monos and is currently working on the fourth for 2025.

Supplied under the KG brand for which the company is well known, WFT produces KG Mono, the line with the highest breaking strength of the three; KG Mono Special, a softer version with more stretch; and KG Mono Universal, an entry level but high quality line introduced a year ago.

The lines are light green, light blue and clear respectively and all three come in 150 and 300-yard spools. In addition, instead of being cross-wrapped onto the plastic spools, the lines are parallel wound.

This spooling process means the line can be transferred onto the reel without risk of damage and without leaving marks on the line caused by it crossing over itself.

“There are still many occasions when braid cannot replace mono,” says Dibisch (above). “It is best for match fishing in particular where a stiffer line is needed for the rods to perform properly. It is also popular with general coarse fishermen.

“It is a super quality line and our stable production process ensures that it never varies. That cannot be achieved mechanically. We have a computerised programme which takes longer, but ensures not too much pressure is put on the line, delivering consistent quality every time.

“We started producing mono five years ago. We now have distributors and retailers all over Europe and it has developed into quite a good business for us. Sales are better in western Europe because there is a greater influence of competition fishing.

“The three lines are the basic core of our mono business. KG Mono is the biggest seller because it came first. Then customers wanted more stretch and we introduced KG Mono Special. After that they wanted something more competitively-priced and we developed KG Mono Universal, which is fantastic value for money.”

Angling International was speaking to Dibisch during a session on a local carp lake where he was testing a new super-heavy, fast-sinking prototype mono. “It is so easy to cast and it sinks through any debris that may be on the water’s surface,” he said, as he broke off the conversation to land a near 20lb fish (pictured). “It is something for next year.”

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