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Want a feeder rod? Carp Zoom has plenty to choose from


If it’s a feeder rod you are looking for, Hungarian manufacturer Carp Zoom has a model to fit every need for this on-trend fishing style.

Osmium Feeder

The Osmium Feeder family of rods is wide enough to rule out the need to compromise on length or casting weight. While the shorter versions are optimal for fishing from a boat or tight spots, the longer models are ideal for reaching large fish close to distant banks. Slender, but with a strong backbone, the Osmium is equipped with twin-sole, reinforced rings and with carbon spikes that indicate the slightest pull. Each model also has a split cork handle. Carp Zoom says: “This is a truly graceful rod that can be used in both everyday and competition situations.”

No Limit River Feeder

This big-fish feeder rod (above) – part of the Feeder Competition brand – is a flexible medium-backboned model with a modern split handle. It has three carbon tips effective for indicating the smallest bites. Twin-sole, wear-resistant rings efficiently transfer the load to the rod’s blank. Carp Zoom says: “This is a real ‘big gun’ rod and a great alternative in waters where fish are far away from the bank.”

Medal Feeder

This strong-looking, heavy-duty feeder rod (above) has a split cork handle, and wear-resistant rings, along with three clearly visible, sensitive vibrating spikes. The durable materials used in its manufacture will resist tough terrain such as bankside paving stones. While the shorter version is suitable for fishing on small lakes or from boats, the longer model is suitable for long distance casting. It is recommended for anglers looking for a universal feeder rod. Carp Zoom says: “The Medal Feeder is ideal for fishing for common bream in the spring, carp in the summer and barbel in the winter.”

Distant Bomb Feeder

With a design typical of a boilie rod, but with all the good features expected in a feeder rod, the Distant Bomb Feeder is tailor-made for long casting to big fish. Its long split handle is complemented by a dynamically-loading flexible blank and perfectly positioned, large, reinforced rings. Carp Zoom says: “It is a perfect choice for large lakes, rough river waters and other situations where the rod has to deal with extreme conditions.”

Aggressor Feeder

Manufactured using durable, modern composite materials, this rod is more resistant to external influences than carbon rods in the same category. Features include wear-resistant rings and a split cork handle. Bites are indicated by three carbon tips of different strengths. Carp Zoom says: “This rod is a perfect choice for stony and difficult terrain and for anglers with limited experience.”

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