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How local wheatfields have sown seeds of success for Energofish


István Pal looks over the vast wheat fields that border the road into Budapest and smiles.

Not just with pride in his homeland, but because those thousands of acres of swaying corn have a vital role in the business of his company, Energofish.

Bait manufacture is a key element in the Hungarian brand’s success – and seeds and cereals play a prominent part in that category.

Due to the high volume of arable land, cereal production in Hungary is five to eight times the national consumption, meaning that Energofish is never in short supply of the materials it needs to make great baits for their many customers across Europe.

To process those materials there is a plethora of canning factories and storage units that are an integral part of the process. Recognising their growing importance 25 years ago, Pal (pictured above right) formed a tight relationship with what he believes is the best cannery in the country.

“We have maintained a special relationship which means we have constant access to a quality assortment of seeds and corn,” says Pal, CEO of Energofish. “Our wholesaler prepares our baits to meet the needs of tackle dealers and anglers. In addition to canned corn, we can also source other cereals popular with anglers.”

In addition to its own brand of canned corn, Carp Expert, Energofish also supplies OEM products in pallet-sized quantities.

“The sales of cereal baits make up a significant part of our business,” confirmed Pal. “So we are grateful that Hungary has long been a powerhouse in agriculture, with rich farmlands yielding bountiful harvests year after year.”

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