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Norwegian fly fishing brand unveils web shop


Norwegian fly fishing brand Guideline has launched a web shop. “Our ambition is for this new platform to provide people with a deeper knowledge of our range of products and also serve as a place for us to share experiences and inspiration,” says the company.

Visitors to the site can shop for rods, reels, jackets, waders, lines, packs and other products. New-for-2024 arrivals include the NT11 Saline rods, Nova cassette reels, the ULS 2.0 Switch rods, the Experience Multi Harness and the Brook WF line for small stream specialists.

Featured articles include fishing for the Mucho Mucho (also called the Danube salmon), an adventure in the Maldives and catching trout in New Zealand.

Guideline, which also has an office in Sweden, is among Europe’s leading fly brands, with more than 400 dealers spanning 35 countries.

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