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UK fly supplier: Industry ‘desperately’ needs Angling International LIVE


The owner of a long-time European show exhibitor has welcomed the news that Angling International LIVE has filled the void created by the decision of EFTTA not to run its EFTTEX event this year.

“It is a positive move,” said Terry Clease, owner of Wales-based Dragon International, supplier of fishing flies. “Our industry desperately needs a European trade show. I have a lot of things that I want to tell the industry, but without a medium I cannot do that. A European show gives me that opportunity.

“I need the opportunity to meet our customers and attract new business. A European show is really important for small to medium-sized companies like us. Quality people attended last year’s event and we picked up new partners that we wouldn’t have unless I had been in Budapest.

“If we pick up a couple of new accounts the show has been a success. We are looking for a repeat this year.”

Clease is a firm supporter of a European trade show and believes it is an important event for the industry. “It helps companies grow their business and strengthens the industry.”

He added that Dragon International has a lot of news to tell customers. “The main message we want to get across is the launch of Dragon International Europe in Poland and the relocation of our UK business to a purpose-built premises. I am looking forward to telling our visitors about both developments and how they will benefit our customers.”

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