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STROFT NiTi delivers ‘ultimate’ predator fishing leader


Wires made of nickel-titanium (NiTi) are enjoying increasing popularity in predator fishing, mainly because of their unique property of springing back to their original state even after severe bending.

Responding to that trend, German line manufacturer, Waku – owner of the STROFT brand – has developed what it describes as the ‘ultimate’ predatory fish leader that delivers the highest bite and knot strength.

The development was not without its difficulties says Waku. “There are a disadvantages with NiTi – namely when ‘connecting’ these nickel-titanium wires to swivels, snaps, hooks and others. Crimps are often used as aids for this purpose. But unfortunately these connections have strongly fluctuating breaking strains because of the sharp edges of the crimps. If you crimp them too hard, there is a risk of stress concentration at either end of the crimp (NiTi wires are generally more susceptible to stress concentration than steel wires) and leads to a reduction of the wire’s breaking strain.

If the crimping is too weak, there is also a risk of slippage. Sometimes tying a knot is recommended. However, depending on the wire, only highly fluctuating knot strengths are achieved. In addition, thicker monowires are stiff and tying knots becomes very difficult.”

STROFT NiTi Monowire and STROFT NiTi Polywire solves these problems and are the first choice when it comes to the ultimate predator leader, says Waku. “The connections are quick and easy to make. No crimps, no pliers – a simple, very easy to tie clinch knot with four turns is the solution. And with STROFT NiTi (and its thinner wires) it can even achieve up to 100% of the linear breaking strain.

“This was made possible by a very specific adjustment of the alloy composition to those properties that are desired for predator fishing leaders – namely: maximum abrasion resistance, super elasticity, optimum (simple) knotability, best possible line memory, maximum breaking strain/maximum knot strength, sufficient stretch (8%) and a non-reflective surface.

“STROFT NiTi Monowire and STROFT NiTi Polywire optimally meet all these requirements. For example, a 0.20 STROFT NiTi Monowire has a breaking strain of 4.2 kg, which is also almost achieved in the clinch knot.”

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