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WATCH! Sakura’s Horosha is a cool global operator


Sakura, already a pioneer in the field of rod design in France, has strengthening its ‘travel’ range for 2024 with the Horosha multi-strand series of lure models that, it says, are ‘remarkable for quality/price ratio.’

With its cool, classy cosmetics, the Horosha series is currently available in two casting models and four spinning models to cover a wide range of fishing conditions.

These compact, medium heavy MH and extra heavy XH+, models are particularly relevant for the urban fisherman, for street fishing, or those trips when there is little space in the trunk of the car.

Depending on their length, the travel size varies from 55cm to 74cm, ruling out the need to register oversized rod tubes at airports and saving valuable time and money by avoiding mishaps.

Only the best components have been used, including SiC ceramic anti-tangle guides and ergonomic reel seats. Each rod also comes with a semi-rigid protective case.

“We have ensured that these travel rods offer a level of quality and comfort so that anglers can fish with complete peace of mind for a full day and throughout their trip,” says Product Manager Franck Rosmann.

“Tested from Scandinavia to the Amazon, this series offers remarkable robustness along with quality of action and casting performance.”


HORC 664 XH (14-70g)

This 6ft 6in extra heavy rod is designed for using soft swimbaits and jerk baits up to 70g maximum. With its short handle, it is very manoeuvrable and lends itself well to fishing from a kayak or float tube. It is intended for lovers of pike or exotic fish such as aïmara and peacock bass.

HORC 734 XH Plus (20-100g)

Fishing for pike with soft swimbaits and large soft lures is increasingly popular in Europe, which is why Sakura developed this 7ft 3in extra heavy plus casting rod. It is also recommended for other techniques, such as fishing for trophy black bass using frog lures.


HORS 704 MH (7-28g)

This really light, compact 7ft rod will be appreciated for its versatility. It is designed for targeting predators including perch, pike, zander, black bass and sea bass using all kinds of hard or soft lures.

HORS 804 H (15-50g) / 804

These three spinning models are perfect for precise control of the lure when fishing from the bank and making long casts in fresh or seawater. Their casting prowess and comfort of use are incredible for rods of this length, says Sakura, while still being compact enough to transport in a suitcase or sports bag.

• For 2025, Sakura plans to expand the Horosha range and already has additional casting and spinning models in the pipeline. Angling International will have news of the new rods as soon as they are released.

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