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Holding power ‘like no other hook’ – why Mustad’s Triple Grip Treble is worth millions of dollars


Developed in collaboration with arguably the best pro bass angler of all time, Kevin VanDam, the Triple Grip® Treble hook design stands as a pinnacle in the pursuit of trophy bass, says world renowned tackle manufacturer Mustad.

With a track record of remarkable success, VanDam himself attests to the unparalleled efficiency of these hooks after using them to reel in a serious amount of prize money.

“I’ve won millions of dollars using the Triple Grip Treble,” says VanDam, a four-time Bassmaster Classic winner. “They have holding power like no other hook.”

At the heart of the Triple Grip Treble hook lies its distinctive and aggressive design, featuring a wide gap bend. Upon setting the hook, the fish’s mouth is compelled to the elbow of the bend, ensuring a secure hold. This unique feature distinguishes the Triple Grip from conventional treble hooks, making it a go-to choice for anglers seeking reliable performance.

Central to the Triple Grip’s effectiveness is Mustad’s Opti-Angle Needlepoint sharpening process, guaranteeing a durable point that maintains its sharpness even after repeated use.

“When I get a bite on lures with the Triple Grip Trebles, it just locks them on. I don’t miss any fish. And the best part is, with Ultrapoint the hook stays sharper longer,” explains VanDam.

Crafted with a 2X short shank and 1X strong build, both variations of the Triple Grip are designed to offer versatility and durability. The shorter shank enables anglers to up-size hooks straight out of the pack to enhance hook-up ratios, while the robust bend prevents fish from shaking free during retrieval.

Mustad is confident that the introduction of the ITG76AP Inline Triple Grip Treble marks a significant advancement in hook technology by using the brand’s proprietary automated brazing technology to achieve unparalleled consistency and balance, paired with Mustad’s longest, sharpest hook point yet – the AlphaPoint.

Comprising three single hooks meticulously brazed together, the ITG76AP ensures flawless construction, crucial for maintaining the lure’s natural action when employing larger hooks.

While the Triple Grip treble hook has earned its acclaim primarily in bass fishing circles, its versatility extends beyond freshwater bass to encompass formidable predators like monster pike. Its effectiveness has made it a staple choice among anglers in northern Europe and Canada, where landing trophy-sized fish is the ultimate challenge.

Recognising the diverse needs of anglers targeting freshwater predators, Mustad offers variations of the iconic Triple Grip Treble hook series. Whether requiring a longer shank or heavier wire to accommodate lighter or longer lures, options such as the TG78NP, TG58NP and TG77NP provide tailored solutions for specific fishing conditions and preferences.

The Triple Grip Treble stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Kevin VanDam and Mustad, which have set a standard of excellence in the industry. The hook’s ‘unmatched performance, durability, and versatility continue to elevate the angling experience for enthusiasts worldwide,’ says the Norwegian manufacturer.

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