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Ockert ticks all the boxes for OEM carp fishing lines


Looking for an experienced supplier of quality OEM carp fishing lines situated in the heart of Europe? One with the skills to work to exclusive customer requirements and the flexibility to meet your market needs?

Then you will find that German manufacturer Ockert ticks all those boxes – and more.

“I doubt that you will find a supplier that understands ‘carpy’ product requirements better than Ockert,” says the company’s Export Manager, Christian Rademann, who will be available on Ockert’s booth during next month’s China Fish. “Ockert is a service provider and each customer decides their product requirements.”

Ockert has an extensive knowledge of product development in the carp sector and its factory’s location in Germany is a key logistical asset.

“Carp brands can choose to manufacture their lines anywhere on this planet, with the all the associated shipping and communication issues, or they can choose Ockert in the heart of Europe.

“In my eyes that is a game changer for a product manager who has to juggle dozens of new products, suppliers and field testers up to four times a year. We’ll solve at least one of his headaches with ease,” says Rademann.

The company’s machines operate around the clock, ensuring that capacity is not a problem, and at its spooling and packing factory, lines are transformed into customised, branded products for more than 200 tackle brands worldwide.

However, Ockert’s ability to create tailor-made solutions for customers is at the heart of the company’s success. “We have positioned ourselves as the perfect supplier for customers who want products that stand out from the rest,” Rademann explains.

“Competition is higher than ever before and differentiation has become more and more critical. Brands are looking for lines that consumers recognise as different and better. We keep on proving that we deliver what they want.”

Ockert works closely with customers from initial concept through to delivery, and is fully equipped to supply its customers with products spooled, labelled and ready for them to ship straight to their retailers.

Aware that many brands are currently trying to sharpen their product ranges by adding fresh and different items, Ockert will be taking a number of products to February’s Bejiing show that are new to its already considerable offering.

These include a tungsten-loaded, coated hook link and a brand new camo-colour coated braid. It has also added a range of entirely new mono main lines for carp fishing made from 100% Japanese raw materials.

These new monos have been specially designed to allow anglers to fish the smallest possible diameters and so enhance casting and fishing over extreme distances. They feature outstanding knot strengths and abrasion resistance.

Ockert has further expanded its carp offerings with fast-sinking mainline braids, super-supple hook link braids, unleaded leader materials, Chod rig materials, additional lead core, fluorocarbons and many more products.

“Our products have all the qualities that today’s demanding product developers are looking for, including different coatings, stiffness, abrasion resistance, low diameters and so on,” explains Rademann.

“We have everything an avid carp brand needs and we are able to substantially improve a product manager’s track record by taking full responsibility for at least one of his duties – his line business.”

China Fish Booth No: D150

T: +49 898 940830

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