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Want first rate OEM predator lines? Look no further than Ockert


Ockert has long been established as a premium source for first-rate OEM predator lines. The German manufacturer has built a worldwide customer base in the sector with its comprehensive range of products and rock solid service.

But Ockert’s eminence in predator fishing goes beyond that… way beyond, says Jörg Schramm, the company’s International Sales and Marketing Manager.

“For a start, our state-of-the-art factory is perfectly positioned in central Europe, the ideal logistical location for customers and the answer to all their shipping and communication concerns.

“And then there is the breadth of service that we offer, which we believe is unparalleled in the industry. We offer everything from consultation and customer programme development to packing and labelling solutions, all provided on an individual basis so that each customer has a solution that meets their specific needs.

“With so many me-too products in the market, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal supplier for brands who are looking for something different. Our mission is to empower our customers by providing them with special products that ensure their success in a competitive market.”

The breadth of Ockert’s offering has been a key factor in building partnerships with more than 200 tackle brands. Its range covers all fishing techniques and includes premium mainlines available in braided, fluorocarbon or monofilament options, along with a diverse range of leader materials including hard mono, fluorocarbon and steel. And each order can be customised, with choices including spools or pre-tied leaders with loops, swivels or other preferences.

“Customers looking to expand their range of predator lines, whether for saltwater, freshwater or fly fishing, can reach out to us any time,” says Schramm. “Our team communicates fluently in English, French and Spanish and is ready to help with expertise accumulated over 70 years spent developing and producing some of the finest fishing lines available.”

Ockert can supply a wide array of premium braided lines produced in-house. These encompass four to 36-carrier braids, including the thinnest PE line available in a spectrum of colours that includes multi-colour options. The company exclusively utilises the highest quality HMPE, PTFE and Kevlar fibres, incorporating a unique braiding process that eliminates line twist.

Also available is a diverse selection of braided lines tailored for modern predator fishing, from freshwater to tropical sea fishing. Although its factory is located in Germany, the company has the flexibility to customise production according to customers’ precise requirements.

A notable addition to the range – set to be unveiled at China Fish in February – is a pre-dyed multifilament that retains its colour indefinitely.

A swift development process is also a big asset in manufacturing a variety of products to meet customers’ needs. And the factory operates in an environmentally-friendly manner, using non-polluting colours for dying lines within a closed water circuit.

The latest introduction to the product line-up is a groundbreaking mono that feels and behaves like a braid, says Ockert. Made from Japanese raw materials, the Ester line-up is nearly invisible and has properties akin to fluorocarbon. It is designed for situations when extremely thin diameters are required; and the low stretch ensures immediate response to bites.

A wide range of different fluorocarbon lines is also available. All of Ockert’s four grades of fluorocarbon are made using the company’s proprietary blend and the finest Japanese raw materials. Choices range from a stiff, highly-abrasion resistant fluoro to a smooth, nearly invisible version for baitcasting. All grades feature exceptional linear and knot strength and are ideal for use as mainlines or leader materials.

With regard to mainlines, Ockert offers a diverse range of monos designed for a wide variety of fishing conditions and species, from leader materials for northern sea fishing to IGFA-approved lines for tropical waters. These include lines made specifically for trolling and super-clear, ultra-thin yet strong monos ideal for very light fishing. Whether it’s high-abrasion qualities you are looking for, or supple, smooth lines for long-distance casting, you’ll find them here.

Tapered leaders designed for both sea and fly fishing, along with a wide selection of tippets for fly fishing in both fresh and salt water, can be found in this assortment. Ockert is also the original manufacturer of Hard Mono, known for it high abrasion resistance and a reputation for withstanding the teeth of any predator. Other products include Kevlar and Flex Steel leaders in two configurations, on spools or as ready-made leaders with swivels; rust-proof Titan leaders ideal for both freshwater and saltwater and available on spools or as ready-made leaders with swivels; and tailor-made fluorocarbon leaders that are precision manufactured to customer requirements.

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