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Sakura launches ‘original, versatile and efficient’ new additions for trout


New models are set to complement a deadly range, says SERT, the owner of the Sakura predator brand.

Choose three words to describe Sakura’s Phoxy Minnow range of baits and they could easily be ‘original,’ ‘versatile’ and, above all, ‘efficient.’

‘Original’ because there is nothing like them on the market. ‘Versatile’ because of the wide selection of sizes and colours. And ‘efficient’ because their intricate design and characteristics have established them as one of the deadliest baits for trout.

These small jerk baits are already well known across Europe. And the good news for fans is that Sakura has released two new models to complement the range – the Jointed Phoxy and the Phoxy Minnow MR.

“The Jointed Phoxy (above) is a small articulated lure of two parts connected at one point. The configuration is unique in the Phoxy range and creates a naturally attractive free-swimming style at depths of up to a metre. The joint also enables maximum vibration and a linear swimming action that is captivating,” says Sakura Product Manager Franck Rosmann. “But above all, it reacts perfectly to the currents and to different variations of recovery.”

The Jointed Phoxy is available in two models: 50mm weighing 3.7g and 60mm weighing 5.1g.

The other addition to this popular range is the Phoxy Minnow MR (below), described by Sakura as ‘a very special version of the famous Phoxy Minnow HW.’

Like its predecessor, it has a high density, but the MR has a body with flat sides which allow it to better slip through the water channels in powerful currents. Its narrow bib is located in the extension of its head, giving it a tight, attractive action that is maintained when the line is at unfavourable angles.

This allows the bait to continue its swimming action in any situation that may be encountered.

Compact and dense, the 50mm, 4.9g Phoxy Minnow MR can be cast precisely, even at distance, and will quickly reach the one metre zone. “This makes it the ideal lure for accurately prospecting well-marked positions,” recommends Rosmann.

Both these new Phoxy Minnows are armed with two single hooks, which can be used on ‘no-kill’ waters by crushing their micro-barbs.

In addition, there is a surprise in store for those anglers targeting bigger trout, and it’s described as ‘one of the most original trout lures ever made’. It is a new weighted casting streamer, the Chabio Zn! Designed for slow, precise presentation in moderately deep water, it can be fished sinking or swimming at any depth.

The Chabio Zn (above) is made from a mix of natural and artificial fibres, a combination that gives it a lively, undulating appearance at the slightest movement of water, even at slow speed or when stationary. And by delivering subtle vibration signals, it quickly arouses the carnivorous instincts of predators.

For environmental reasons, the head of the streamer is made from zinc alloy rather than lead. Its triangular shape makes it easier to feel the lure down the rod and to jerk it from side to side.

The Chabio Zn comes in two sizes: medium (2.5g) and large (4.2g).

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