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Shipping now! AlphaPoint technology delivers ‘perfect storm’ for Mustad


It’s been described as the ‘perfect storm’. Mustad’s AlphaPoint technology married to the hookmaker’s sharpest point yet. It means you get the company’s renowned durability alongside the assurance that you will catch fish.

And now the Mustad AlphaPoint hooks are shipping to all points of the globe.

“We had solid expectations for the success of this hook range and have been thrilled to see that exceeded,” said Eddie Payton, Mustad EMEA Marketing Manager. “From large retailers to mom and pop shops they are a hit. The gravitation to the Notorious bait hook and Assault wide-gap has motivated the team here tremendously.

“The legendary Triple Grip Treble’s shape return with AlphaPoint technology has also performed extremely well, and the feathered versions are beginning to pick up as we prepare for the predator seasons. With this success we can’t wait to show you how we plan to expand this range!”

Payton added that Mustad’s soft plastic range of hooks have already made a strong start in the US with anglers targeting trophy bass. “Our latest in bait hooks and jigging assists have also been extremely well received in the Mediterranean markets. It’s been especially exciting to introduce these new hooks that were curated to the needs of saltwater anglers in Europe.”

Anglers have lapped up the AlphaPoint technology with its increased sharpness. “Technical fishing requires quick penetration and that’s what AlphaPoint delivers. The new TitanX and Titan Steel coatings have also elevated the range to deliver more durability and a more appealing look.”

Payton added that putting hooks in focus has been a huge success for Mustad in the last year. “The team works tirelessly to keep production up to match the volume of orders for AlphaPoint. Thanks to the long history of hook production, our name precedes us when we let it be known that new Mustad hooks are on the way. Anglers look to us for the next hook they can depend on.

“With AlphaPoint we have found shapes that take our legacy to the next level. The modern, aggressive bends and shapes have garnered serious recognition thanks to the attention to detail on how they perform with lures and baits.

“The new packaging – featuring reduced plastics – has also been a huge hit with customers. The new Mustad paper look and re-stickable information make them stand out against the competition. Anglers are prioritising sustainable choices more and more each year.”

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