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Momoi launches new carp line for Europe at Osaka show


Top Japanese line maker Momoi debuted a new line for carp anglers in Europe at the Osaka show earlier this month.

The new line was one of two launches and was prompted by its Romanian distributor who identified a shift in market trends across the region. Momoi’s General Manager, Ken Harada, told Angling International: “We already had a Black Shadow black line but the market has shifted to fluoro. The new freshwater spinning line – Cast Mania Mono – is available in Flash Orange and Wasabi Green. Both are dull and fluorescent so that anglers can see the line at all times of day or night.

“We did not expect any interest from Japanese anglers as there is no demand for such a monofilament here. However, European visitors were very interested and we received some orders during the show. Spinning for carp is very popular in Romania – as is using bright coloured lines. The character of Momoi’s monofilament is that it also has higher abrasion resistance than many others and a smooth coating that enables it to leave the reel freely.”

The line comes in 1,200m spools with a marker every 300m and will be available for shipping soon. Harada added that the company is looking to do business in the UK. “Retailers are demanding our product, but we need a large partner in the region.”

The second newcomer on show in the Momoi booth was its new PE braided line for offshore casting. The Cast Mania Braid VTX has been developed using an updated PE fibre, VTX. It delivers a higher abrasion resistance and is stronger than current fibres.

“We have braided and coated it using a special method. The tight braided line keeps its shape even if the coating disappears, although that is unlikely as it is coated with three layers of silicone and designed to last.”

In sizes ranging from PE6 (0.40mm) to PE12 (0.57mm), it comes in orange with markings every 25m and in spools of 300m and 600m.

Harada added that the line was very well received in Osaka and will be available for shipping in May.

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