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Shimano’s latest bass reels arrive at Japanese show


Shimano launched two additions to its low profile reels line-up at this weekend’s Japan Fishing Festival in Yokohama.

The SLX 70 A and Metanium DC 70 A (below) made their first appearance and are part of the continued evolvement of the brand’s low profile line-up, according to Bob Mahoney, Product Marketing Manager for Shimano North America. “Both new models feature a robust selection of technologies tailored to help bass anglers to find success in any situation.”

Metanium DC 70 A
Represents the lightest and most durable Shimano DC reel to date, featuring a one-piece CoreSolid magnesium frame, providing durability and a solid in-hand feel. The HAGANE Body design brings additional strength and impact resistance while eliminating flex in the reel body, improving cranking power under load. An upgraded I-DC5 braking system allows anglers to fine-tune reel function based on line and lure combinations and fishing conditions, delivering improved accuracy and heightened casting control. It also features Shimano’s innovative MGL Spool III Technology, increasing casting distance by greatly reducing start-up inertia. 

SLX 70 A
Designed for tournament anglers and weekend warriors alike, the SLX 70 A (below) boasts an infusion of advanced Shimano technologies, excelling in a variety of settings from finesse presentations to close-quarter power techniques. The MGL Spool III design features Shimano’s lightest spool option, effectively reducing inertia for a quick startup. Additional premium spool technologies include SilentTune to reduce vibration while casting and SVS Infinity braking, which provides user-friendly spool control. A compact metal HAGANE body brings rigidity and strength, eliminating flex under the load of heavy fish. The Cross Carbon Drag system provides extreme power for even the toughest of battles.

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