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Nothing sells stronger than KG Strong for German supplier


KG Strong multi-colour line in 600m spools not only generated the highest turnover in 2023 for WFT, but for the previous two years as well. The German company’s Managing Director, Christian Dibisch, expects it to do the same this year.

What is it that makes the product such a consistent money spinner? Dibisch explains: “Sea anglers love it because when they hook a fish the graduation of the colours tells them how many metres deep it is when they are bringing it to the boat.

“Seeing where the line hits the water is critical because once a big fish gets into a reef it is gone. It also helps avoid losing fish by keeping them away from the rudder and propeller.

“It is selling all over Europe and is very popular for GT fishing in Australia and in those regions where anglers fish for species like sailfish, dorado and yahoo.”

It appears that the line has also become something of a fashion accessory. “It’s true,” said Dibisch. “It looks great on any reel. Anglers want to show their companions they are right on trend by using it.”

The popular line is dyed using the same method used for solid colours, a special process that is exclusive to WFT. “A lot of other lines on the market look like they have faded, even when they are new,” says Dibisch. “But our own process ensures the colours stay fast.

“Multi-colour KG Strong is around 10% more expensive than the solid colour of lines, but that has not had an impact on sales. We are selling more and more of it every year.”

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