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January 2024 Welcome: When the screen is king


Did you ever see the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once? It was a big hit around a year ago, with its main character bursting continuously between time periods and mix-and-match settings in a blur of fast-paced cuts. I admit the frenetic pace was not exactly to my taste (political thrillers are more my thing) but it’s the film’s title that sticks in my brain.

Because, well, what do you want from a trade marketing service in 2024? Not a trade marketing platform, that’s too narrow. No, a service. My hunch is that you want exactly what that film title suggests, everything, everywhere, and all at once.

The audience for your products and services is scattered far and wide. I don’t mean their physical location, although that is true enough. No, I mean the places where they are consuming information. And much like the lead character in the film, they are often assuming different identities. Sometimes actively seeking specific information, sometimes idly scrolling. Sometimes engaging as professionals, sometimes as the anglers they still are at heart. But always with the potential to respond positively to your messages.

We long ago took a decision to be a digital-only publication. It brought our advertisers cost benefits and also allowed us to be far more generous in terms of space for in-depth news reporting and to showcase our advertising partners. We increased our other digital activity too. Our website carries more global trade news than any other comparable site; and our e-newsletters are more frequent than our competitors.

Your audience is everywhere all at once and we promise to reach it for you. Although, the one place you will absolutely find your potential customers is in front of a screen. The pandemic accelerated the process and the pace has only increased since. Which is why, for the start of 2024, we have made some significant changes to the magazine.

You will have noticed them already, just from clicking through to read this Welcome in full on our LinkedIn page rather than within the pages of the magazine itself. Elsewhere, every article links directly to the full text on our website – with a neat little pop-up window. Why? Because it’s more screen friendly than pinching and pulling text on a digital magazine page or struggling to scroll between pages. You now read the article like you would any other content on your phone screen or other device. It’s way more user-friendly and, we think, a step forward for the platform.

It also retains the magazine at the heart of our offering to our advertisers. Yes, your potential customers are everywhere but they are at their most engaged when they are reading the pages of the magazine. This is where they come with their serious ‘business’ heads on. This is your target demographic narrowed down to industry professionals with budgets, commercial objectives and a willingness to listen to your sales pitch.

They also have an expectation from the Angling International editors to present them with the news from the global trade, bring them fresh perspectives and introduce new ideas. In short, that’s your content given the added value of journalistic interrogation, all in one place and found nowhere else. It’s also where we work with brands to differentiate them in the marketplace and define them neatly for their intended customers.

It’s the ideal home for your promotional messages, which is why we make it central to our sales pitch to you. A presence in Angling International works to grow your business.

Yes, your audience is everywhere. And presenting them with everything all at once has its merits (and there’s no going back now). We will help you with that. But targeted and professionally packaged content is still the most valuable commodity of all. Come talk to us about it.

Oh, by the way, here’s that movie.

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