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Japanese line maker cracks PE code


Japanese line specialist Momoi says that it has cracked the code with its new Vertex8 PE Braid – and anglers will be able to get their hands on it next year.

Using cutting edge technology, the maker of the best-selling High Catch series, has solved an age-old problem with PE line. Ken Harada, the company’s General Manager, told Angling International: “In general PE braided line has less stretch than nylon or fluorocarbon which means it breaks easily when it encounters the high impact from a biting big fish.

“The Vertex8 has been meticulously crafted to absorb the immense power of the likes of marlin or GTs, significantly improving the chances of catching them. Using VTX fibre, it achieves exceptional strength and durability – a feat unprecedented in the industry. With its vibrant orange colour, it offers excellent visibility even in challenging conditions.”

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