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KastKing set to grow social media presence


RJ Macalanda, the man behind start-up brand Fish Boss, has joined KastKing as Social Media and Influencer Strategist to expand KastKing’s social media presence.

Fish Boss was the fastest-growing fishing account on TikTok in 2022, reaching 100,000 followers in five months, accruing 58 million views. Macalanda will continue with Fish Boss while working for KastKing full-time.

“RJ is involved with global e-commerce networks and has been on the cutting-edge of digital trends,” said Joe Woodward, KastKing’s Director of Marketing.

“In the last seven years, he has travelled to over 55 countries, while working remotely and catching fish along the way. During his travels, he experienced different fishing cultures, products and consumer behaviours. He will combine his marketing and fishing knowledge to grow KastKing’s social media presence.”

Macalanda, who has developed marketing campaigns for brands including Walmart, Tyson, Dell, Anheuser Busch and Ironman, began discussions with KastKing at ICAST two years ago. The decision to join KastKing was a ‘no-brainer’ he said.

“I noticed KastKing was starting to make waves with product innovation and a unique go-to-market strategy.

“It is on all the various shopping platforms across the globe, and I shared how impressed I was with its overall approach while visiting its booth at ICAST. I could see it was about to explode with growth and told them I was excited to see where it goes next.

“I look forward to seeing where we can take this company in serving anglers across the globe.”

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