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Rob Carter: The show with the widest possible industry support


Angling International owner Rob Carter writes: Mustad is in. Deeper too. And Maver. All three have signed up this month to be on the show floor at Angling International LIVE in September, and their commitment tells you all you need to know about the support the show is generating within the trade.

The first needs no introduction. Mustad is quite simply one of the biggest names in the industry, and its support shows that Angling International LIVE is resonating with trade giants.

The second? I can think of few brands that can match the impact that Deeper has made at trade shows over the past ten years. One of the first brands to harness tech into game-changing tackle and also instantly recognisable, Deeper creates a noticeable buzz wherever it appears. Simply to be on a neighbouring booth can give another brand a boost in footfall.

And the third? Maver’s inclusion is a message to heritage brands across Europe. And it’s this. Play your part in stimulating the industry on your doorstep. A huge name in pole fishing, Maver will be on the show floor in Hungary to reach out to local retailers and also cast wider for distributors in other parts of Europe.

Maver’s booth will also add a spectacular new dimension to the show. I’m thinking hard right now, but I can’t recall the last time a European show included a display of poles. That tells you something else about Angling International LIVE. And it’s that we are covering all the bases to reflect the rich diversity of the European tackle market. (By the way, it also means that if you are another pole brand, you risk ceding market share to Maver in September – you would be well advised to be on the show floor too or be in danger of losing customers).

These big names demonstrate the wide appeal of Angling International LIVE as the only place to meet with trade partners in Europe in 2024. But at its heart, Angling International LIVE is a show dedicated to European and global SMEs.

We are determined to bring new and niche brands to the attention of buyers, especially those that have made a success of themselves in one market and now have ambitions to spread across Europe, and quite possibly other parts of the world too.

Underpinning the great new products that these small businesses are developing are the stories behind their journeys. Often what sets a business apart are the people that have driven it to this point. And what sets Angling International LIVE apart from previous European shows is that we have the media platforms to tell those stories in advance of the show.

You can see a prime example in the pages of this issue, in the inspirational story of how Theo Ratzonis of Greece turned around the fortunes of his business, Global Fishing Solutions, at one trade show and now stands ready to grow across Europe from the show floor in Budapest.

You may be making your first appearance as a show exhibitor with us, but you will not arrive in Budapest as an unknown. We’ll see to that. All you have to do is sign up, book your booth and then talk to the editorial team here. If you have a story, we will make sure to tell it.

By the way, that first trade show that Theo attended was ICAST. If good things happen at trade shows, it’s often bigger and better at ICAST. I will be there in Orlando once again this month, to gather your news but also remind you of the opportunities that lie ahead in Budapest for all tackle suppliers. To set up a meeting, drop me an email. I’ll look forward to catching up with you.

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