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Grundéns: ‘We are pumped up for this ICAST’


Fishing apparel brand Grundéns is pushing the boat out at ICAST with five entries in the New Product Showcase backed up by its biggest team at the world’s largest tackle trade show and a brand new ‘WE ARE FISHING’ booth.

The company’s CEO, Nicolas Cederstrom Warchalowski, told Angling International: “We are more pumped up than ever before to be attending ICAST. The US market is incredibly important for Grundéns in terms of sales, revenue and profitability and I personally love how vibrant the market is and how quickly innovative products can gain traction.

“Just two years after launching in the top US premium fly fishing segment, we are already the number three wading brand, and with our new products at ICAST this year we are gunning for the second spot by 2025.

“I am also proud of our responsible approach in supporting our key retailers and our genuine partnership strategy to win together. Grundéns is sold in 32 markets worldwide and we are especially proud of our impressive growth in the Europe, Middle East & Asia (EMEA) and Latin America (LATAM) markets. The energy and momentum in these regions is contagious.”

Warchalowski said that Grundéns has invited several new customers from outside the US to ICAST, including its booming LATAM region.”In a market where retailers are scrutinising their product assortment closely, we have brought our ‘A’ game,” he said.

“When our products look and feel like Grundéns from 10ft, one foot and an inch away, we know we’ve got market share grabbers and potential award-winners. That is why we are excited to show our new line-up to everyone at ICAST this year.”

Grundéns arrives in Orlando on the back of a positive start to 2024 with the brand ahead of its plans and last year’s performance. “That gives us confidence that we are on track with our expansive WE ARE FISHING journey. The wading, footwear and logowear categories are performing particularly well, building a strong order book for the upcoming Fall 2024 season.

“Our Spring 2025 line has received rave reviews and we are eager to get them into the hands of our customers and start taking pre-bookings. We are fully committed to making the most of every opportunity. The future looks bright and we are charging full speed ahead!”

The New Product Showcase entries from Grundéns

Vector Zip Stockingfoot Wader: Best in class, durable and rugged zip wader.

Portal GORE-TEX Wading Jacket: Revolutionary jacket that boasts the Portal Pocket System which allows anglers to gain access to their wader’s external pockets with a pass-through pocket technology system.

Turbulence Hybrid Hoodie: ‘Truly’ versatile insulation hoodie that emphasises wind, water and tear resistance and can be used in a wide range of cold weather sport, wading and commercial fishing settings.

Tough Sun Masked Hoodie: A new hooded and masked sun shirt addition to Grundéns’ best-selling Tough Sun Collection.

Deck Runner Ankle Boot: Ultra-light deck boot that blends the everyday comfort of your favourite sneaker with the performance attributes of a waterproof deck boot.


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