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Italy’s Scorziello SASA: We have the brands to succeed in central Europe


One of Italy’s oldest tackle suppliers and owner of the renowned Jatsui lure brand, Scorziello SASA, is extending its export drive to cover central Europe.

Scorziello SASA is looking to build on its export success in southern Europe and has prioritised Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary as its target countries, although Import/Export Manager Armando Zito says that any country with a long tradition in fishing will be considered.

“In southern Europe new partners have taken to the Scorziello SASA brands and we are ready to extend that to the central region. We have a desire to learn new things and be present to innovate and grow together with new partners.”

As well bringing Jatsui to new markets, Scorziello SASA has high hopes for its other brands in central Europe.

Falcon: An historic brand that is well known in Europe as a Japanese monofilament with a history stretching back to the 1980s. SASA already has a good cooperation in France and Belgium for the brand and is looking for similar distribution deals across the region. “Falcon is a brand that suits the region,” says Zito. “Under the Falcon umbrella it is possible to fish classic styles like Bolo Float, Telematch, lake trout and river boat fishing. Falcon has a good selection of rods in medium, medium-hi and hi-level configurations together with a collection of 40 different nylon and fluorocarbon lines, many made in Japan.”

Fly: A fixture in the Scorziello SASA catalogue since 2019, this is a classic in Italy and boasts the historic hero product – Fly L’Incredible – that for years was a staple in fishing competitions across the country. It has been joined by a second model, Fly La Furiosa, that has enjoyed similar success thanks to the selection of the best quality rod blanks and Japanese hooks.

Wax: A young reel brand in the lower price bracket. “We have handled this for two years only in Italy where we already have a long association with TICA,” explained Zito. “It was welcomed by our Italian partners and will be boosted in September when the range will be completely renewed to deliver tackle that is perfect for export throughout Europe.”

Zito said that Scorziello SASA is looking for young distributors that are open to new ideas and keen to develop products alongside the SASA development team to suit the local market.

“In return,” added Zito: “We can offer experience in distribution service of over 90 years. We have a catalogue that contains over 5,500 references and are open to creating items dedicated to suit specific regions. Our business is backed up by an industry 4.0 certified company that works with state-of-the-art automated technology. We also collaborate with major shippers to guarantee a fast delivery service. Good terms and conditions are also offered to our partners.”

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