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UK companies granted Royal Warrants by King Charles III


The Farlows Group from London and Pure Fishing UK in Northumberland are among the first Royal Warrants granted by King Charles III.

Farlows, which was founded in 1840 and has its flagship fishing, shooting and country store in Pall Mall, London, was originally granted a Royal Warrant to 1982 and it has been renewed on several occasions.

Farlows opened a store in St. Petersburg’s prestigious ‘golden triangle’ district in 2013 and also owns the Sportfish brand.

Pure Fishing’s Royal Warrant is courtesy of its Hardy brand, which it acquired 11 years ago. Hardy began as a gunsmith in Alnwick, Northumberland in 1872 and soon evolved into a maker of superior quality fishing tackle. In 1891 it introduced perhaps its most famous product, the Hardy Perfect fly fishing reel.

The company’s history is punctuated with intriguing stories, including that of a letter which finally got to Alnwick having been addressed to ‘Hardys, c/o the King, England.’

There was also a birthday telegram from King George V, who, having been reminded that Thomas Hardy’s birthday was approaching, absentmindedly sent the message to his favourite tackle manufacturer instead of the nation’s favourite novelist.

The granting of Royal Warrants began in 1155 as a way of recognising brands supplying goods to the Royal Family, with the criteria being notoriously strict. Their products had to have been used by the Royal household for at least five years, a fact stringently checked by the Association of Royal Warrant Holders selection committee. Selected brands are allowed to display the Royal Arms on their packaging.

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